Objectives & Missions

As part of the regional projects of the Canadian Section of the International Commission of Jurists, for the year 2015-2016, the Quebec chapter wishes to contribute to the work and discussion surrounding this issue: the principle of the rule of law, one of the important themes of our organization. It is in this perspective that the present site of the Observatory of national security measures was created in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Public Law and housed at the Université de Montréal. The Observatory is a dynamic electronic platform for identifying and following the resources and documentation on measures targeting national security in the country. Its mission, in addition to following national developments in this regard, will eventually include an international component. In addition to being a site for diffusing proposed legislative measures, government directives, and other official documents, the bilingual website of this monitoring group will be a sort of agora where different participants can share opinions and commentary, in the form of short papers, or less formally in a blog format.


Our Observatory, under the direction of Professor Stéphane Beaulac at the Université de Montréal, aims to develop a network of partners across the country; already this fall, the Université d'Ottawa and the Université Laval will join the project. This tripartite organization, which has the potential to be developed more extensively in the future, could become an interesting way to reach out to law students (in undergraduate and graduate studies) and to interest them in issues relating to national security measures; eventually, the Observatory will promote their participation in educational activities (practical courses, seminars, etc.) on this topic.


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