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As announced at the launch of the Observatory on national security measures – held in the Quebec Court of Appeal building on 5th November of last year – the next phase in our work shall revolve around the BLOG, which is activated as of today (20th January 2016). It will allow us, among other things, to generate inter-institutional discussions among groups of law students from the universities of Ottawa, Laval, Dalhousie and, of course, Montreal which hosts and manages the site. In addition to the coordinator of the Observatory, my research assistant Sarah-Michèle Vincent-Wright, I want to thank my colleagues Errol Mendes (Ottawa), Fannie Lafontaine (Laval) and Robert Currie (Dalhousie) for their enthusiastic involvement in the project, including the coaching and guidance of their students’ participation. The lead on the blog posts and other activities will be assumed in turn by each of the universities, on a one-month rotating basis, starting with the University of Ottawa (common law) whose students wrote term papers last fall for a practical course given by professor Errol Mendes, under the theme of national security. The University of Montreal lead will follow next month, with student contributions put on the blog from their comparative research on national security measures in foreign domestic jurisdictions, namely the Middle-East, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. The last month of activities during the winter 2016 semester will be under the joint responsibility of Laval and Dalhousie universities.

Prof. Dr. Stéphane Beaulac (Cantab.)
Director of the Observatory
Faculty of Law, University of Montreal

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