Infraction de terrorisme au Mexique : analyse sur sa portée excessive

by Adriana Sotelo-Castellon (University of Montreal)


In 2014, an amendment to the Mexican Federal Penal Code received a lot of coverage. The Senate at that time approved the repeal of a reference to article 139 of the Federal Penal Code which prevented individuals belonging to social groups from being accused of terrorism when exercising their right to protest. In addition to being a provision violating the right to freedom of speech, the offense of terrorism triggers exceptions to the protection of certain criminal guarantees under the Political Constitution of Mexico. To address the over-reach of the Penal Code provision, an overview of the Mexican Constitution, international obligations of the state and of Canadian jurisprudence on the concept are presented in the note.


Working Paper: Infraction de terrorisme au Mexique - analyse sur sa portée excessive 

Citation: Adriana Sotelo-Castellon, "Infraction de terrorisme au Mexique : analyse sur sa portée excessive", Working Paper n°14, OSN, 2017.

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